Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
  Stuff duties
Responsibility of the library staff :
i. Librarian: - The librarian is responsible for smooth running of the library with co-operation of all other staffs. He takes steps for improving the service of the library and implementing work plan. Moreover, it is within the preview of his responsibility to implement all office – orders of the higher authority, formulating the yearly Budget, writing Annual confidential report of the staffs and render cooperation to the VIP visitors of home and abroad coming to visit the library. He also proposes development project for the library and implements the existing ones if any.
ii. Assistant librian-1 :- His duty is to adopt necessary measures for procurement of books, maintain internal administration, make arrangement for meeting and render cooperation to him in all other works.
iii. Assistant Librarian-2. It is his duty to look after extension, issuing of books , gate pass, reminder to the borrowers of books, communicating with the Head office, and also the other staffs.
iv. Assistant Librarian-3. He is to remain in charge of evening shift of the Library. Card Filing papers, journals and Magazines, provide service to the readers and current awareness and look after the book selves.
v. Senior Cataloger:- Classification and Cataloging of all reading materials like books paper journals magazines and other documents.
iv. Cataloger:-Preparing cataloging slip of the reading materials, spinning and perform other duties as assigned by Senior Cataloger.
vii. Library Assistant:- To render necessary service to the readers and researchers according to their needs, issue ISBN, making list of purchasable books, journals and magazines and procure the rare books, manuscripts and confined books.
viii. Reference Assistant :- To extend necessary assistance to the readers of Arabic, Urdu and Persian books and the concerned researchers and also help increasing different meting of the library in cooperation with assistant librarian
ix. Sorter: - According to the classification number sculling the books deft on the table after use daily by the readers and researchers in both its and 2nd floor.
x. L.D.A.-1 To preserve the current files, receive and dispatch the letters in coming and out –going.
xi. L.D.A.-2: To make entry of the purchased books, journals, and Magazines in the accession register and work in the afternoon shift.
xii. MLSS, Gate keeper and Mess cleaner:- To work according to the instruction of the controlling affairs.

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