Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
  IFCL Project
The present age is the age of Electronic Civilization the busy men of today want to know all informationís of the world from their own home through internet. The latest information technology has brought the entire world written their grasp. Almost all the libraries of the world instantly provide information to the readers and researchers according to their demand by computerizing their libraries Now the Islamic Foundation Central Library also joined this road map of information technology and it has been possible to computerize the function of the library after long attempts. Hence it will be possible to get connection with this library from many corner of the world through Internet and about necessary data and information.

Similarly, the readers of this library can also established connection with other libraries of the world and obtain their necessary information. For this purpose, necessary computers have been procured for office use, readers and researchers. Besides, to facilitate this process the office staff has been equipped by necessary training.

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