Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Introduction about the Library:- Islamic Foundation Bangladesh is an important and autonomous body of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and the Central Library of Islamic Foundation has been established to preach the real teaching of Islam. The inception of the present Islamic Foundation Central Library was through the former Islamic Academy in 1960. At that time the number of books as well as the number readers was also limited. At the present time, as the number of books has been increased, so also the number of readers. The knowledge seekers scholarís writers the students and teachers of school, colleges Madrasas and the Universities are the regular users of this Library. Besides the common people of all the strata of the society use this library to collect their necessary information. The noble object behind the establishment of this Library was to remove the existing misconception and ignorance of the people about Islam.
The Islamic Foundation Central Library is the biggest Islamic Public Library in Bangladesh. Here there are many books in different braches of knowledge on Quran, Hadith, commentary law and jurisprudence, Islamic philosophy Islamic History , Economics, political science comparative theology Child Literature and text books of educational institution to all these. There are many books on various other disciplines of knowledge- art and science in this library. Moreover, there in the Library a copy of the Mashafi-Uthmanic the first manuscript of the Quran presented during the time of Hazrat Uthman(R) the third Caliph of Islam and a set of the Quran written in Braille style for the blinds. The total number of books is other mater of the library is as under.

I. Total number of Books up to December, 2006
II. The number of pamphlets up to December, 2006
III. The number of Journals up to December, 2006
IV. The number of Researchers up to December, 2006
V. The Number of Readers up to December, 2006

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